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Why 22?

We took a long, hard look at the network marketing industry and we found that most companies charge prices that many of their customers consider to be unfair. When prices are too high, associates and customers will drop out, which makes residual income something that most network marketers only dream about.

People get involved with network marketing so they can one day retire in comfort and not have to work until the day they die, so we looked at every business model we could find in order to create the perfect opportunity where average people can earn above average incomes and eventually leave a legacy to their children and grandchildren.

Our goal is to be the “Discount Leader” like a Wal-Mart to the Network Marketing industry, by offering high quality products at the lowest possible prices, and at the same time offering the fairest compensation plan to ever hit the industry.

You can remain commission qualified by purchasing any one of our high quality products each month for just $22. No longer will you have to make a major decision, like not paying a utility bill to make your monthly product purchase, in order to remain commission qualified with your company.

Now you know the meaning of “$22”.

Welcome to Joy To Live! Here are a few of our many fine products...

EliXir Blast® is Complete Nutritional Supplement

Good for all ages.

What EliXir Blast® may do for You:

Provide powerful antioxidant properties; Support joint, heart, eye, and mind health; Help build strong immune system.

Main Ingredients: CoQ10, Omega’s 3, 6, 9, Lutein and Lycopene.

EliXir Blast® is a proprietary blend of 146 healthy nutrients and amino acids derived from exotic fruits and berries such as Mangosteens, Noni fruits, Goji Berries, Acai Berries, Pomegranates, Elderberries and Cranberries.

Fulvia® Anti-Aging Capsule

What is Fulvic acid?

Natural extract formed from ancient plant deposits formed during the upper cretaceous period, about 80 million years ago. Consists of an immense array of naturally occurring elements including biochemicals, antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes. May assist in more your body’s more efficient absorption of nutrients. May assist in detoxifying your body by eliminating toxins and other unwanted trace elements.
May assist minerals or nutrients natural conversion into an ionic form, providing the body in more effective absorption and utilization.

Fulvic acid may: Restore electrical balance to damaged cells; Neutralize toxins; Improve overall strength and wellness

Taken on a regular basis, people have reported: Digestion improvement; Easier bowel movements; Easier urination; Greater concentration; Higher energy levels; Improved eyesight; Improved general fitness; Increased libido; Mental alertness / clarity; More restful sleep; Normalization of blood sugar; Normalization of blood pressure; Restoration of natural hair color; Shrinking of prostate gland; Younger looking skin.

Inner Joy

What Inner Joy may do for you:

Improve digestive function
Help with side effects of antibiotic therapy
Improve tolerance to lactose
Enhance immune function

Improve Urinary Health
Reduce Allergies
Improve Women’s Health
Lower Obesity
Main Ingredients:

LactoSpore benefits: Primarily promotes the healthy digestive tract

B. Longum benefits: Anti-inflammatory properties, Lowering of total cholesterol, LDL, VLDL and cholesterol excretion

Bifidobacterium Lactis benefits: Preventing diarrhea in infants and children, also used to boost the immune system and lower cholesterol.

L. Plantarum: An effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, and colitis.
The rare ability to produce L-lysine, an essential amino acid.

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Coffee, both nutritious and delicious!

Get a taste of this……..

Le’JOYva Gourmet Black Coffee is slowly roasted to perfection with a smooth aroma, and rich taste that you will crave and enjoy daily. Le’JOYva is the coffee drinker’s choice for java, it’s not just coffee, it is the healthiest gourmet coffee in an instant. Le’JOYva is specially formulated with 4 proprietary “SUPER FOODS”, known in ancient China for promoting health and wellness.

Le’JOYva Gourmet Black Coffee has been scientifically created with the perfect combination of “The King of Herbs”, aka Red Reishi, The Ganoderma Mushroom, “The Happy Berry”, Goji Berry, “The Healing Mushroom”, Yarcha Gumba (cordyceps) and “The Queen of Fruit(s)”, Mangosteen.

6 Minute Overview

Our goal at Joy To Live is to help you create the four essential spokes to a completely balanced life.

We are going to teach you some basic truths about health, fitness and nutrition, without which you can never achieve vibrant physical health. Along with this important knowledge, we will provide you with unparalleled nutritional products at the lowest possible prices. And we will show you why it is impossible to live a completely healthy life without some of the nutrients our products provide.

We are also going to teach you five pillars that are necessary to building a successful business that will provide you an ongoing residual income that can be passed on to future generations.

And with plenty of money, you will now have time to devote to mental and spiritual development along with growing meaningful relationships.

What To Do Next... JoytoLive Is Happening Now.

At Joy To Live, we believe that we have put together the fairest compensation plan in the industry. Most compensation plans are structured so that only 3% – 6% of the Associates make any money, sending most of the money to a handful of people at the top and making the company owners extremely wealthy. This is a plan for disaster and the day eventually comes when more people will be leaving those companies than are joining.

Realizing that 95% of the people who join network marketing will be working part-time, Joy To Live structured its compensation plan to benefit the part time person. At Joy To Live you can match up to 100% of the matrix income of each person you enroll, giving you the chance to enroll the one “right” person and literally retire for life.

Unlike our competitors, we have created an opportunity that is affordable for the average person to participate in and receive a substantial income. For as little as $33.00 you can join Joy To Live, which includes one product of your choice and a personalized website, all set up and ready for you to do business. We have also provided Advancement Packages for those who want to start their business at a faster pace.

Our unique 3 x 10 forced Matrix creates teamwork, and teamwork makes any dream work better. Many people like the matrix compensation plan because it helps the weakest members of the team to also be successful. With minimal effort an Associate can advance to the top of the Matrix plan by personally referring two active associates and meeting the required Group Volume (GV). Potential earnings for each Matrix is up to $100,000 per month.

Other people prefer Unilevel compensation plans because they provide more leverage and allow you to make more money by being able to put an infinite number of people on level one. Our Matching Bonus provides all of the benefits of a Unilevel plan without taking anything away from the Matrix, allowing you to earn up to $100,000 per month on each personally enrolled associate, so now we have the best of both compensation plans.

Our compensation plan is NOT a binary, as a smaller percentage of associates earn money in a binary than any other compensation plan. Big hitters often gravitate to binary plans because more money flows upstairs to them, but in the long run a binary plan is not sustainable and eventually even the big hitters will be looking for another opportunity to join.

The Joy To Live compensation plan pays a lower percentage on levels one and two where there are fewer people so that we can then pay bigger percentages on levels three and four, allowing our Associates to reach a break-even point more quickly, which increases the retention rate of associates. Attrition is the biggest problem for network marketing companies and we have implemented all of the best features into our compensation plan to help retain those associates who initially join.

We might also mention at this point that the second biggest cause of attrition is products that either don’t deliver, or they are overpriced. We have gone out of our way to provide the best products at the lowest prices in the industry. Nobody is delivering the quality of products that we do for just $22 a month.

Our Fast Start Bonus allows Associates to earn money quickly and our ewallet pays commissions weekly. Associates earn 50% of the BV on each person they personally enroll and they also earn a 15% override on all second level enrollees. You can earn up to $450 on each personal enrollee and up to $135 on each second level enrollee.

And best of all, you can start your personal journey to true financial freedom today for as little as $33.00

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