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It's What Many Entrepreneurs Have Wanted:
A Demonstrable Product That Delivers The "WOW" Effect

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The one obstacle that holds back more home business owners than any other is: Selling or "asking for the sale."

If there was an exclusive product that was easy to demonstrate and produced IMMEDIATE RESULTS that people visually saw within Minutes...

  • A product that created a "WOW" effect... And after it was demonstrated, people asked, "How did that happen, and where can I get more of this?"...

  • A product with real, tangible value, that was backed by over 150 clinical studies, and was also affordable for just about anyone...

  • And if this product was combined with a pay plan where someone who put in the effort, really can earn a recurring monthly income - 80% + retention rate (No difficult requirements)...

  • As well as generous retail profits of up to 70% and higher...

  • A product that also had those who tried it, reporting a dramatic reduction in chronic pain within hours (Just one of its reported benefits)...

Finally, if you heard about an opportunity like this before the rest of the world did... As an entrepreneur, would you want to know more?

PhytoZon™ makes it a joy to live life!

If you do nothing else while visiting this website, please listen to the recorded call on Phytozon, and watch the PhytoZon demonstration videos below. We believe it's definitely worth your time.


**If you prefer to hear the recording over your phone, dial 641-715-3900, Pin 741008#

Clinically Tested----Doctor Approved-----Rediscover Your Youth and Vitality!

When you take advantage of any of the 8 simple ways that you can demonstrate "the WOW effect" of PhytoZon... The results someone Visually Sees within minutes will be undeniable. Your body doesn't lie to you.

Demos like the immediate improvement in body balance tests; multiple before and after strength tests (the cell phone demo, the Dynamometer hand strength demo); and the immediate improvement in flexibility demo (people bending over and touching their toes who haven't been able to do that in years), etc... All leave very little to doubt. Once again, your body doesn't lie to you.

Build your business long distance or local - You'll also be able to have demos done either in person or long distance.

You will find that this is going to be a very, very easy business to build, and you will have more success doing this than any other business you have ever started.

Why do we think that?

It's because you can show someone a physical result (a demonstration) where they experience "the WOW effect" of PhytoZon before they have ever bought our product, or joined the business.

PhytoZon was formulated by a group of scientists with specific patented, and patent pending extracts to flat out get results... In the testing, 87% of the people being tested, got results. That is a very high number.

Moreover, the original formula which only included 4 of the 9 patented and patent pending ingredient extracts found in PhytoZon, had the kind of Product Re-order Rate home business owners dream about (over 80%), and it was only one-third as potent as PhytoZon. *See Residual Income below.                       


NOTE: Now that PhytoZon is shipping, the most frequent and fastest report of help with a specific health issue that we are seeing, is from people who have suffered from some form of chronic pain. Many people are reporting relief after using PhytoZon for just 24-48 hours. Many of these individuals have also said that, instead of taking one capsule of PhytoZon twice daily as recommended... They're doubling up and taking two capsules twice daily to get more of the nutrients in PhytoZon that specifically address pain and inflammation, into their bodies quicker.


Cat's Claw






PhytoZon Video Demonstrations

Watch this brief training video below first on how to demonstrate PhytoZon using two of our simple demos - One of our immediate body balance improvement demos, and the second is one of our immediate increased strength demos with a cell phone.

*Note: The gentleman who is the participant in the two demos is a golfing pro who runs a golf shop, and teaches golf. He suffered a mild stroke in January of 2014, but is doing much better now.



This second video includes PhytoZon demos with three different people.


77 Year Old Grandmother
This 3rd video is a must see. It includes two more
PhytoZon before & after demos with two ladies: One lady is a 77 year old grandmother, and the other lady is a nurse. The demos performed were: A before and after dynamometer hand strength demo; a before and after cell phone arm strength demo; and a before and after balance demo.

Quite frankly, if PhytoZon was able to do what you're about to see for a 77 year old grandmother in a matter of minutes... What will it do for others? And keep in mind, these are just the immediate benefits people are seeing with PhytoZon™. The long-term health benefits are even more promising. The quality of this video is not as good as the first two, but you won't have a problem seeing what's happening.



If PhytoZon was able to improve a 77 year old grandmother's balance this dramatically and this quickly, as well as increase her arm strength... Can you see why the first thing many people say after a demo is, "How did that happened, and where can I get more of this product?"

Demo With 86 Year Old Woman
This is one of the latest PhytoZon demo videos. It includes a before and after Flexibility test demo with an 86 year old woman bending down to touch her toes. There's also a second flexibility test demo with a young hockey player. I believe you'll enjoy both.


PhytoZon can eliminate your 2 biggest home business obstacles.

Health and wellness is one of the most profitable verticals in the home business industry. Unfortunately... In addition to having a difficult time selling, another challenge many home-based entrepreneurs often times face is: Having to tell a new customer or business associate that it might take a week, or up to a month, before they begin to notice any significant benefits from a particular product.

...And then "hoping" that your new customer or associate does, in fact, notice enough benefits after 7 - 30 days that would make them want to continue ordering your product.

Both of these challenges have been eliminated with PhytoZon because the demonstration results are dramatic, immediate, visual, physical, and undeniable. New customers and associates close themselves... And the longer term benefits from the patented, clinically tested, and patent pending nutrient extracts in PhytoZon can be life changing. Translation? Loyal, satisfied customers. Retention.


What to expect from PhytoZon™

  • Immediate Brain/Body Balance- Mental Clarity, Focus, and Recall - Mental Cognition and Concentration

  • Energy, Vitality, Increased Strength and Balance, Increased Flexibility

  • Pain & Inflammation

  • Joint Health

  • Heart Health

  • Blood Sugar Health

  • Focus

  • Sexual function

  • Immune support

  • IGF1 production (Growth Factor)

  • Arthritis - Amazing relief - clinical results

  • Osteoarthritis - Amazing relief - clinical results

  • Enhance DNA repair on a cellular level

Patented, Peer Reviewed, Clinical Studies

Science, Research, Over 150 Clinical Studies, Ancient Secrets from the Amazon Rain Forest and the natives of Peru, all converge to provide this Exclusive, Proprietary Synergistic blend of Nine Patented, Patent Pending, and Proven Ingredients.

**93% of study participants achieved amazing results within 5 days.

Here are nine (9) of the areas where the 5 new patented and patent pending ingredient extracts in our exclusive formula, that weren't in the original formula, can address someone's health:

  • Increases Body's Production Of Endogenous IGF1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor); Arthritis; Aging

  • Inflammation

  • Attenuates MMP Activity (Hypertension); Mobility; Tissue Repair

  • Sensory Afferent Neurons - Carry Nerve Impulses From Receptors Or Sense Organs Toward The Central Nervous System (IBS, IBD, Crohn's, etc.)

  • Increases MPOD (Macula Pigment Optical Density); Acuity Vision Optometry

  • Decrease sRAGE; Increases SOD (Superoxide Dismutase); Diabetes, Fertility, Atherosclerosis (Plaque Build Up In Arteries)

  • Telomerase Activator (Anti Aging); Longevity; Rejuvenation

  • Cerebrovascular Flow; Memory; Cerebral Function

  • Increases GI Fluids; Blood Flow; Nutrient Absorption; Physiological (Cognitive) Behavior

    PhytoZon is a category creator. There is no other product like it. We have no competition.

Backed by a 16 year old well established and funded marketing company, and we have exclusive marketing contracts with the formulators, who have several patents on PhytoZon, so NO ONE ELSE will have this product.

In a published, peer-reviewed clinical study, 90% of the subjects taking just one of our patented ingredients, had significant improvement in both joint mobility and flexibility, as compared to the placebo.

In a study with Case Western Reserve University using human cartilage explants, another of our extracts was shown to increase the cells production of IGF-1, a natural growth factor responsible for rebuilding and repairing cartilage.

In a subsequent, product specific, peer-reviewed, published positive-controlled clinical trial, 93% of participants taking 2 of our ingredients experienced significant improvement in overall joint health, as measured by their physicians, and many within seven days.

One of our patented ingredients is the only natural supplement for joint health and mobility with research supported in part from two US National Institutes of Health: The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disease and The National Institute of Aging.

One of our patented ingredients was reviewed by the National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, which monitors “truth in advertising.” NAD found that there was substantial evidence to support that this compound was “…a revolutionary solution, a breakthrough, all-natural treatment in joint pain that does what no other products have done before,” that it “…actually helps alleviate Arthritis symptoms and increases flexibility and mobility” and that it may help “…in as fast as 7 days.”

PhytoZon® has been developed to help: Increase Energy; help increase resistance to fatigue, stress, and tension; promote libido, sexual drive & function; give mental clarity; facilitate weight loss; assist in pain management; stimulate the immune system; retard the aging process; and is an Adaptogen. Adaptogens are natural compounds that possess miraculous cell regeneration and nutritional benefits.

From Concept to Reality:

PhytoZon has created a category of its own. Containing Nine Patented, Patent Pending, And Exclusive Proprietary Ingredients and Extracts from the Rainforest and Peru.

By consuming two capsules of PhytoZon each day, the consumer could feel:

  • Both an instant and sustained increase in energy for the day

  • Lessened stress

  • Increased mental clarity

  • More balanced blood sugar levels

  • More success in reducing weight

  • Over all pain reduction

In addition to these immediate, short-term benefits, longer-term documented health benefits can also include:

  • Protection from aging and diabetes

  • Increased endurance

  • Reduced effects of metabolic diseases

  • Contributes to an extended life span

  • Healthier functioning heart and cardiovascular system

  • Increase energy and resistance to fatigue, stress and tension

  • Promotes mental clarity and concentration

Clinical Studies on the ingredients indicate that consumers could also:

  • Be more relaxed

  • Enjoy and increase in libido and sexual function

  • More easily enter into a deeper sleep

  • Benefit from the continued nourishment to the body

These targeted health benefits are achieved largely from the specific ingredient formulation and patented processing that we use in the production of PhytoZon.

The Market

There are millions of people who suffer from chronic joint pain and inflammation; high blood sugar; high blood pressure; prostate problems; chronic stress; mental fatigue and clarity, etc.. The market for a product like PhytoZon is significant.

Using the original formula, and in addition to the immediate results people experienced during the demos with better balance, increased strength, improved flexibility and mobility, etc.. Over time, people also reported improvements in the following areas of their health:

Weightloss; better sleep (including sleep apnea and insomnia); libido (sexual function); blood sugar (Diabetes); pain and inflammation (including arthritis); back spasms; fibromyalgia; faster healing of sores; sustained mental focus and clarity; headaches (including migraines); stress; high blood pressure (hypertension); hot flashes; gout; clearer vision; carpel tunnel; respiratory; ADHD; and the list goes on...

Keep in mind, these reports by product users were based on just the 4 original ingredient extracts in the formula.

Phytozon Product Label & Ingredients

You can review the patented and patent pending ingredient extracts that are included in PhytoZon by accessing the link directly below where you'll be able to view our product's labeling.

PhytoZon Ingredients & Product Labeling


A Very Simple and Lucrative Pay Plan:

Paying out up to... 80% of (C/V) Commissionable Volume makes our plan unmatched in the industry.

Let's look at the benefits of this amazingly simple, yet very powerful plan. Finally a wide open, no huge qualifier plan that works for the masses.

It is a simple, easy-to-understand 2 x 15 matrix that also pays to Infinity. Anyone who can sponsor 2 people can get paid 15 levels with NO BALANCING or ridiculous requirements.

  • Has Dynamic Compression.

  • Matching bonus on everyone you sponsor

  • Unlimited Weekly Fast Start Bonuses + Fast Start Overrides For Qualified members

  • Monthly Residuals - Earn 15 Levels Deep – up to 63% payout thru 15 Levels

  • Up to a 2% Leadership Bonus through infinity for qualified associates.

  • Company Revenue Sharing Pools - Participate in the Revenue of the entire Company.

  • Team Volume Sales Bonuses

  • Huge Retail Profits – up to 70% and higher profit for you

The company offers its members the absolute best retail profit opportunity in the industry. Members can purchase multiple bottle options at wholesale that allow you the ability to earn HUGE RETAIL PROFITS!

Unlike many networking companies... Building a business that includes real customers isn't lip service for us. If you're ready to work; want to build something real; and you enjoy helping people... We will show you how easy it is to get a demo for PhytoZon... And when the demo is over, people ask you: "Where can I get more of that?"

That's not a promise. It's exactly what happens.

Residual Income?

Most people start a home business with the goal of creating a monthly income that we can depend on. While it's too early to say what kind of residual income you can expect to earn with PhytoZon, we can tell you the following:

The original formula that preceded PhytoZon 4 years ago, and which was developed by the same scientists, was a liquid. That formula included just four of the nine exclusive, patented, and patent pending ingredient extracts in PhytoZon.

While it is the immediate results most people see and experience through a PhytoZon demonstration that already has them asking where they can get more because of what it just did to their body... It's the long-term health benefits of PhytoZon™ that will keep people ordering month after month.

I'm sure you heard the physician on the recording above when he talked about the original formula helping his type 2 Diabetic patients get off their diabetic meds completely in 90 days... And that's just one of the health challenges people saw positive results with when using the original formula. That product had an 80% re-order rate. PhytoZon is more than twice as potent.

**If you'd like more details on our compensation plan, please click the link directly below, and watch our pay plan video overview.

PhytoZon Compensation Plan Video Overview


Product Price Point

A One Month Supply of PhytoZon is $49.00 + $4.50 S&H, delivered to your door - 60 capsules, 2 capsules daily. *Our multiple bottle options include free shipping and handling. *See other options on enrollment page.

Our company also offers a 30 day, full or empty bottle, money back guarantee.


What To Do Next... Pre Launch Is Happening Now.

After you've listened to the recorded call above, and watched the videos... If you like what you hear and see, and you want to get pre-positioned in our company's 2 x 15 matrix now, before the world learns about PhytoZon... You can enroll today, and secure your position on our fast growing team.

As of 06/26/14, our company, ADN (American Dream Nutrition), is now shipping Phytozon to its distributors, and product will be arriving at our members' homes the week of 06/30/14. Our first weekly fast start pay run is also 06/30/14.

*Free Website: Once you're enrolled, as a member of our team, we'll create a free personalized website just like the one you're visiting right now, with your contact details, so that you can begin sharing the upcoming launch of PhytoZon with others, and begin building your team.

We're going to put "networking" back into network marketing. It's sorely needed.

If you understand the importance "timing" can play in your success when you have a strong opportunity, we encourage you to secure your position today. We look forward to welcoming to our team, and helping you achieve both your health and financial goals with PhytoZon. Just click on the orange banner directly below to access my PhytoZon/ADN corporate site.

Access my corporate site, click on the link near the top of the page that says, Become An Affiliate


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